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With a permission of the General Department of Industries and Mines, Saranj Sooleh Iran Company is constructed in a land with and area of 11,000 m2 located at industrial zone, Mobarakeh intersection, Isfahan in 1982, and is founded by Mr. Ali Saranj (engineer) in order to design, consult, construct and install prefabricated metal structures, factory building and also industrial equipments, overhead and gantry cranes and modern industrial molds .   REED MORE


Employing experienced staff for designing, manufacturing, installing and constructing any type of light and heavy metal structures (industrial and constructional), factory building, spatial structures, tanks, overhead cranes, industrial modern molds and designing and constructing roof coating, lateral surfaces, hall walls, and under Registration No. 5074 of General Office of Industries and Mines, SaranjSooleh Iran Company (Private Joint Stock) has been working.  Some of the company’s administrative activities during past years are as follows

State organizations, higher education institute and sport clubs -gyms

Isfahan University of Medical Science- Multipurpose sport building located at sport site, next to Al-Zahra Hospital          REED MORE


From the beginning, this Company aimed to accompany and utilize modern technology in designing, constructing factory building and manufacturing metal structures in order to optimize its products and to meet the needs of the employers, efficiently; so that research and innovation have always been an integral part of the company’s activities.  


In the name of God

Give thanks to the Creator, who grants us His favor to serve our people and to keep pace with their goals

. Our Company’s Personnel and Engineers try to serve services our clients, technically and vocationally.


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Saranj Sooleh Iran Company, having a specialized engineering in consulting, designing and constructing any type of light and industrial factory building, having experienced staff in manufacturing (assembled and welding), having separate rooms, equipped with  production line and appropriate facilities with a production capacity of 500 tons per month is working in Mobarakeh industrial zone.

Designing, calculating, drawing, measuring and surveying of factory buildingسوله

Constructing metal structure of the factory building /welding and boltsسوله

Preparation, excavation and foundation of factory buildingسوله

Roof, body, door and window coating of factory buildingسوله

Mechanical and electrical installations of factory buildingسوله

Installing machineries and specialized equipments of factory buildingسوله

سولهLandscaping of factory building, factory building  accessories

سولهConstructing spatial structure
Constructing metal structure
Installing overhead crane bridge


سارنج سوله ایران

سارنج سوله ایران

سارنج سوله ایران

سارنج سوله ایران

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آدرس دفتر مرکزی Unit 707, 5th floor, 1st Phase, Kowsar Commercial (trading) Complex, ChaharbaghBala Street, Isfahan IRAN

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فاکس دفتر مرکزی 36204632 (031)

آدرس کارخانه SaranjSooleh Iran Company, 9th Street, 1st Phase, Mobarakeh Intersection, Industrial Zone, Next to Police Station, Km 30 Isfahan-Shiraz Road

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According to the diversity of the company’s activity, it is obviously necessary to employ experienced staff in project management in order to meet the employers’ needs; and when employers visit the company’s marketing and sales experts, each introduced to related project manager. So, in the first stage, they give employers some technical consultation commensurate with their needs. After clarifying and finalizing the outline of each project, the related group consists of the project manager, designer and accountant and financial expert, explains the outline and finally the best technical and financial offer will be presented to employers.  After agreement, interaction, sending, delivery and contracting, the related project manager provides employers with an executable plan and project schedule for monitoring. Not only during the project (design, contraction, completion, sending and installation), but also after the completion of the project, the project manager would make the necessary coordination so that the employer will be completely satisfied at the end of the project


Metal Structure

Technical engineering Office of SaranjSooleh Iran Company deals with designing and computation for constructing and launching the projects; including:

Designing metal and spatial structures base on the latest standards
Preparing and presenting computational schemes and executive plans such as main plan, shop plan and cutting plan
Designing supplementary structures project adjust to assumptions of each project, in order to meet the employers’ demands
Presenting a plan according to value engineering and optimizing the weight of factory building or structure

Some of the standards and ordered software are as follows:


In concrete section (ACI)
In metal section (AISC)
Issued related to National Building Regulations and loading instructions of F.E.M. AWS BS ASTM DIN ISO




Overhead Crane (Bridge Crane)

Due to the fact that the efficiency and accuracy of the factory production line machine have a direct and undeniable effect on speed and quality of its products, SaranjSooleh Iran Company always try to make use of modern industrial machineries with high productivity coefficient and some of them are as follows

Guillotine machine capable of cutting to a thickness of 20mm, length of 6m, made by EHT Company of Germany
500-ton Press Break (brake?) Machine, 6 m opening, made by EHT company of Germany
Guillotine machine capable of cutting to a thickness of 2 mm
30-ton Roll Stand machine
Roll Divider machine up to 6 mm thickness
Sinusoidal Panel Forming machine up to 1 mm thickness
Sheet Rolling machine up to 18 mm thickness
2-axis Pillar  Drill machine with revolving measured desk, capable of holing (drilling) up to 70 mm in diameter, made in England 
Three Fixed Pillar Drill Machines, capable of holing up to 50 mm in diameter
Two  4-speed Magnetic Drill Machines
One 10-ton Crane made by Pal Finger of Germany
8-purpose Punch Machine, made in Russia, capable of punching and cutting sheet and any type of steel profiles
Hydraulic Punch Machine, capable of punching hole of 25 mm in diameter on sheet of 20 mm thickness
Press Punch Machine, capable of punching hole of 8 mm thickness
Air Compressors
Plasma Cutting Machine, capable of cutting sheet of 40 mm thickness, made in Austria
Beveling and Rail Shearing machine
MIG Welding Machine and Rectifier Welding Machine
30-tone Overhead Crane and lift track
Diesel Welder 500 Amp, made in England
Air Brush Tank
Strapping  Machine
Elcometer and Welding Gage Machine
Sandblasting line along with all accessories
Submerged Automatic Welding Machine 
All instruments and equipments required for construction and installation of factory building 



Metal Structures

Considering the importance of function, Quality Control Office engages in controlling and assuring the quality of raw materials and products and also monitoring all stage of construction and installation of factory building and structure. The list of the main task of this Office is as follow

Quality Control of raw material and materials such as sheets and metal profiles, welding wire, electrodes, bolts and nuts, paint and so on
Welding plan based on computational scheme of structure
Preparing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
Preparing Price and Quality Reporting (PQR) periodically or on project form
Continuous monitoring on execution and preparation of inspection reports and different stages of project including cutting, fitup and drilling, welding, completing and painting, marking and coding
Welding Test (V.T, M.T, P.T, U.T, R.T)
Preparing Welding inspection report (N.D.T Reporter)
Preparing and registering sending document


Considering the company’s goals based on keeping pace with the world latest technology, Research and Development Office is continuing to its activities in SaranjSooleh Iran Company. It subcategorized into training parts which is responsible for updating the skill and knowledge of all staff in different office of the Company